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In the Roulette game the player places a bet on a number, color, odds or a group of numbers on the Roulette table. The Roulette wheel and ball are spun, and winnings are determined by the slot on the Roulette wheel where the ball finally stops. The amount of the payoff depends on how the bet was placed.

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French Roulette
French Roulette Play NOW
French Roulette is the original roulette game played at the Monte Carlo Casino. A game with a lot of extras, like the different games like 'orphans' 'tiers' and 'voisin' bets.

French RouletteFrench Roulette
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    Roulette is regarded as the classiest casino game. It was first played in France, in the 17th century. It is the most popular gambling game in Europe and Monte Carlo is the hub for playing this game. You are only a spectator in this game, the dealer does everything. Your role is to bet and watch the game and if you are in luck you could win roulette.

    The European version of roulette is different from the US version. In the European version, the wheel has 37 slots with one zero and 36 numbers. In the US version there are 38 slots total, with two zeros.

    You can play and win roulette if you have luck. This game needs no strategy and is a straightforward game. It is a game of chance and if your guess is right, then you win. The roulette ball, which spins on the roulette wheel lands on a particular number and the person who has bet on that number wins. The numbers are in red and black in the table. You can play this game in any casino, as it is very popular. In Las Vegas, this is the most popular game and if you want to play this game in your home with pajamas, then you can play online.

    Each player buys chips, which are different in color, so that their bets don’t mix up with other players. When the game is completed and if you win roulette, the colored chips can be exchanged for cash. The chips have different values and you can change it in the cash desk, where they will exchange the chips for cash.