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European Roulette wheels are divided into 37 evenly spaced slots numbered 0, and 1 through 36. The zero slot is green and the other numbers are either red or black. The evenly balanced wheel, usually made of polished wood, turns on a spindle. The dealer spins the wheel in one direction and releases a small ivory ball in the opposite direction into the outer edge of the wheel, where it circles many times before slowing down. As the ball loses momentum it falls toward the center of the wheel and drops into one of the slots. It may bounce around from slot to slot but eventually it settles into a single slot to end that round of the game. The fascination of the game comes from the many ways to place a bet and the excitement and anticipation of watching the ball fall into a slot.


  Maximum Available Bonus  $100.00    Multiplayer available?
  Progressive Jackpot offered?
  Free Practice available
  Minimum Bet $3.00
  Maximum Bet in this Game $300.00



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