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American Roulette - Como jogar este jogo

Como jogar este jogo

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 American Roulette  Gold Gate Casino  
American Roulette
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Como jogar este jogo

· Click on a chip of desired value to select it. Then click on any bet area on the table to place your bet there. Every click on the area adds one chip to the bet. Select another chip if you wish to increase the bet by some other amount. Right clicking on the area removes one chip. You can place several chips into several areas at the same time.

· Click Spin to set the wheel spinning.


Clear Bets
Clear the table of previous bets.

Place the same bets as in your previous round.

New Game
Start a new game round.

Spin the wheel.

Skip Turn
Skip your turn when playing in multiplayer mode.

See the dates, bets and results of your previous game rounds.

To chat with other players (in multiplayer mode only), click this button, type your message and then click this button again (or press enter).

Open the help file.

Open the Options dialog box.

Click this to go to the Cashier. The Cashier enables you to deposit or withdraw money, view your transaction history, etc.

Press this to exit the game and go back to lobby. You can’t exit in the middle of a game round.

Note: If you are disconnected from the Internet in the middle of a game, re-establish your Internet connection and log back into the casino. You can then click the History button to see the outcome of your previous round.

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